Flaming Wings!

I am going to use a racial stereotype here and say that because of the Chinese blood that runs through my veins (my dad’s side is Chinese, but not the traditional kind), I am quite the penny pincher. I don’t like spending money. And when I DO splurge, I make sure I use the shit I just spent on. 
I get a weekly allowance of Php1,500 a week, which is actually more than enough to get by (since I do my own groceries), but Taft Avenue’s cheap-o-friendly meals are either dripping in grease or have too-tiny portions and this has resulted in my budget cut back and avoidance of anything that isn’t a budget meal.
All that ended 2 nights ago when I ate dinner with my friend Andie at Flaming Wings. I have no regrets. AHAHAHA.

What I had:

  • Jalapeno pops (split the bill)
  • Wicked Oreos (deep-fried oreos; split the bill)
  • and a Chicken tenders meal with mashed potatoes and an iced tea


( Please excuse the bad quality, my phone camera doesn’t do well in dim areas)

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