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Hello, October!

I’ve got many updates, but since I’ve put them off for far too long (this post has been rotting in drafts for such a long time), I’ll only post the most recent ones to stay relevant.

In other news, I’m fresh into a new term at school and just got back from a five-day trip to Bangkok! I’m just filtering out which pictures to edit and post. I’m trying to make it a point to be a more consistent blogger. I never was very good at keeping journals either. Oh well. 

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Well, it really stings to admit it, but for the first time in 5 years, I am no longer half of something.

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Strong heart
Strong soldier
With burdens
on your shoulders
Have heart,
Dear soldier
You will be at peace
When war is over

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It’s been such a long time since my last post. Anyway, I’m spending the last weekend of my break at the Dusit Thani before second term starts this Monday. Their carpet may be giving me an allergy attack right now, but the complimentary bread sticks with olives and cheese managed to win me over.

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Anonymous asked: “Art does come from the soul. Everything beautiful comes from the soul. Whether it's the soul of humanity or the soul of the Universe... Everything else is just contrast.”

Thank you for that, anon

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My life is my life
(no one else’s)
My self is my only self
(no one else’s)
My love is only like my love
(no one else’s)
His plan for me is only for me
(not for anyone else)
My failures are my failures,
and my successes are my successes
(no one else’s)
I am one, yet I am still

Learning to be whole

Sometimes I need to stop
focusing on the big picture,
and focus on the small
portait of me hanging
next to it

I will try
& I will try again

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Today was not a good day. You know it isn’t a good day when as soon as you open your eyes, you roll back into bed and utter the most desperate prayer to the big man up in heaven: “Dear God, save me from today.”

I had a really bad day today, so after school I spent like, Php 200 on chocolate and doodled my heart out. School is becoming a bit of a drag; projects have begun to pile up into this behemoth of a tower, of which, I am at the bottom. I still need to draw something for Chernila this week for issue 7 as well. It’s one of those draining periods again because I’m just not in the proper spirits to carry on with work. I am a firm believer that to produce quality output, one needs to be in the best of spirits.

My spirit feels like what an opened can of Sprite would on its third day in the refrigerator.

I hope things turn around soon, though.

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Anonymous asked: “Hullo. I've chanced upon your tumblr by accident. I couldn't help but read your musings on your talents, and I daresay follow it. I know so many people who've pushed through with their artistic talents even though they're taking up business. I've even chanced upon someone who once told me that he got bored of art school because he already knew what they were teaching him. So here's a cliched line for you, my sweet: follow your passion with intensity. You'll regret it if you won't. Cheers!”

Thank you for the encouraging words, anon. I have no idea if you’ll even see my reply, but thanks anyway :) My main source of insecurity when it comes to this issue is that I probably wouldn’t be able to match your friend on the whole “I know what they’re teaching me ” already thing because what I know in terms of technique, different mediums, and possibly the mastery of them is quite limited in scope, and that’s why I fear I won’t progress since I have no idea where else to learn these things. :/ Right now, I’m trying to rely on books or the internet, haha, but mostly books.

Thank you for your input though; it really really helps. c: Have a nice day!

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Anonymous asked: “how do you feel about cockroaches”

They’re my friend Claire’s favorite animal, why don’t you ask her? HAHAHAHA.

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Late weekend post!

My family, despite my innermost wishes, is not the baking kind of family. We don’t cook together either. That serves to be a bit of a disappointment for me, the little girl who played with her toy kitchen non-stop from morning til when her mother would call her in for bed.

As a result, I never really got to bake except for a few rare instances. Last weekend however, since my date with Eddy didn’t push through, my grandmother invited me over, and to my delight, a few minutes after I stepped into her house, I chanced upon my aunt preparing a batch of Cadbury chocolate cupcakes. It was the best surprise ever!

Things were a bit imprecise, but then she said maybe we could try baking every weekend. I messaged her again awhile ago and she said if she’ll be able to acquire some chocolate chips, we can make muffins (from scratch, all fancy and stuff) this weekend! :D So excited!

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7/10/2014: At the Witching Hour

I see the clock on my screen

Exactly at three

I close my eyes and look aside

It’s coming right at me

I cannot think

I cannot breathe

I cannot see

This paralytic state

Perplexes me

Because I cannot determine our faith

At the Witching Hour it seems to me

Is when I am alive the most, though I am not free

The thought of you

Bounds me to

My ethereal


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Some Baguio shots. Super late upload :c

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Aside from that last photography post, I just want to take this time in between heaping sackfuls of school work and bouts of existential crises to do a little rambling since nothing these past few months has been able put me at ease; and maybe sharing something to this webpage has given it a bit of my own soul, so I hope it doesn’t mind if I go on like this.

I’m currently distraught with regards to wanting to further improve my…hobbies? I don’t want to call them “talents” because I don’t think I’m too good at drawing or taking pictures, but they are two of the things I am most passionate about. However, I’ve been dipping into these terrible emotional ruts wherein I just idle around and use my spare time for nothing but staring into the grey interiors of my dorm room. Not good.

Not only that, I recently attended a talk about how to get a career abroad in Psychology and it sounded so extremely dead-end that right after, even though I hate, hate, hate Starbucks, I felt my head throb so intensely out of well, depression, that I just had to get a huge cup of coffee because of well, fear? I still have no real idea if not pursuing art was the right thing to do; maybe it’s not the right path to follow for my well being. However, I am a firm believer that wherever we are in the present is where we are meant to be. I don’t believe in having to force things or to outright demand for things. Things will come, and things get better. It’s a life perspective, I think. Or maybe I’m just a lazy idiot rooting for destiny.

I’ve started reasoning with myself that art comes from the soul, and that I don’t need a college degree to put my soul into a good picture or a nice illustration. Maybe I’m eighteen years old, delusional, and in denial. I don’t know and I might never know. I guess the best thing for me to do is just to focus on self-improvement, yeah? Make the best of what I have?



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It has been forever since that last post ×_× To be fair, my laptop broke for about a week.

I don’t know. I’ve been having a ton of hairballs block my creative flow (ha.)lately and it’s starting to bug me.

Updates on life:

> it’s rainy season and last week I literally got my butt soaked

> school. Djfjejfbff

> that’s about it. HAHAHA.

Instagram: @_ynah

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